Monthly Favourites: October 2014

This is my first monthly favourites, I can feel the excitement brewing!!! October has a 'bit of everything' and I must admit it was quite fun preparing for this. I haven't really tried any new beauty products this month, sorry! But I'm on the look out for a new foundation if anyone has any recommendations that'd be really handy (drugstore price range ideally)... Lets get down to business! *sings as Li Shang from Mulan*

- The seems a bit weird, but I changed deodorant. I'm normally a Sure gal but found recently it wasn't doing its job as well but the Dove cucumber and green tea is top notch, smells lovely and keeps me fresh :)
- I went to Superdrug and got the Zoella perfume! Its more or less my everyday scent now, and its only £8. Can't wait to try her other products too.
- I rediscovered Rimmel - One Of A Kind its so easy to whack on I wondered why I stopped using it in the first place...

- Mr Kipling brought back the Halloween Fiendish Fancies. I know they are only around for Halloween so grab them quick ;)

- 1989 IS FINALLY OUT! I love it! I would say my favs but its literally the whole CD at the mo!

- I have found a new sitcom I am obsessed with. I mean marathon obsessed. Its The Office US! Its brill, if you love the whole mockumentry style sitcom and haven't seen this before give it a watch, you'll love it! The cast and characters are ace and its laugh out loud funny!

- I finally got round to reading Divergent! Its a must read if you love dystopian novels. Now I'm reading the second one, Insurgent, I'm hooked. P.S. There is no age limit for reading young adult books.

- This month I got new glasses! I went for a Gok Wan pair and then found this really cute glasses case that says 'love is blind' in Tiger for a couple of squid, bargaaaain!

Where has this year gone?! I can't believe we're in November!



  1. I want to smell the Zoella beauty products but we don't have them where I live. Haha, nice pick with The Office :) Great post!

    1. Oh no, do ship to you? Pam and Jim though haha, thank you :) x

  2. Ahh I wanna try Zoella products! I ABSOLUTELY love 1989! I'm a big fan of Taylor and wasn't too keen on this new all pop style but I'm obsessed! It's. SO. Good!
    And I did almost buy that glasses case for my sunnies (and I'm sure I'll end up doing it because it's so cute!)


    1. Can't stop listening to it! I actually have a problem...
      You should get it, its essential cute right? :) xx


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