Having A Night In

Its the end of November, (where has time gone?!) spending money is on a budget, for Christmas presents and such. So staying in is the the new going out! As a group we have been super stressed with deadlines, so its well and truly needed. Whats on the agenda for a group in their early 20s on a Friday night you ask? We're watching Disney films - wheeeeey! Forever young at heart :)

When and Where - So first of all, let your friends know
Attire - comfort is key when chilling out! Pjs are encouraged, staying in it doesn't matter how you look
Food - snacks, snacks and more snacks! If you can afford it a takeaway too, for sure
Choosing the films! - There are so many Disney films, we need a week to watch them all but here's our list for this time:

Toy Story trilogy...
Monsters Inc.
Beauty and the Beast
Lion King
Peter Pan

The list is subject to change on the night haha! But Frozen is a definite and I'm gonna sing Let It Go at the top of my lungs, obviously........

If you have Netflix, there are SO many Disney films on there now too:

Can't wait to be in my pjs, surrounded by junk food and I'm probably crying at Robin Williams as Genie in Aladdin - emosh
How are you saving money this time of year? :)


  1. Frozen is just the best film ever hehe . Great picks , you got to love Disney. xox


  2. Omg! I love Disney. Especially Bambi!


  3. I LOVE all the disney films, although they need to put Sleeping Beauty on Netflix!

    btw, i've nominated you for the Liebster Award over on my blog.


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