How To Get A Better Nights Sleep

My sleeping pattern has had its ups and downs, some would say an emotional roller-coaster, but I decided it was time to do something about it. If you think you have a bad sleeping pattern, believe me I'll be able to relate. Last year I ended up going a whole 24 hours in effort to change it back. I think the worst it got to was going to bed at 10am and waking-up at 5pm (this would be perfectly fine if I were doing night shifts, but thats the thing, I wasn't...)
Now, I'm a new woman and I feel so much better for it! Just by changing a few things, it was actually pretty easy to stick to, so I thought I'd pass it on :)

Having a bath - relaxing before bedtime is something I've really got in to, when it's cold and raining outside too, what better way to stay in a chill

Having a read - I'm more or less a bookworm, I read every night if I don't go out or fall asleep as soon as I hit the pillow

Totally loving the Mindy Kaling book at the moment! She is an ICON!

Turning off - past about 11pm (I know this seems late for some people) I try and not look at my phone, laptop or TV some nights I have the exceptions but cutting out electronics near bedtime makes a huge difference. In the past I was a sucker for staying up all night watching films or box sets but now, nope

Getting warm - its absolutely freezing in my room so wrapping up in my quilt, blankets and pillows is beaut! There's nothing worse than socks in bed though - eeeww

No big lights - just having my lamp and fairy lights on is much more relaxing than having the main light on

Candles - lighting a candle always makes me feel all snug, letting off a lovely scent too, ready for dreaming

Yes, that is Olaf and Mike Wazowski on my bed....

No Caffeine - after about 4pm I make sure I most definitely don't drink any coffee or Red Bull. You don't want to be lying wide awake til 2am do you?

Hot Drink - having a herbal tea, Horklicks or hot chocolate, whatever takes your fancy. Making my insides warm is a vital part of the getting warm stage

I will be doing some beauty posts this week, hopefully! I've just been so busy and stressed lately this seemed more relevant to my life ha! Let me know if this helps any of you :)


  1. I really want to read this book! :)
    I have to wear socks in bed when it's cold, I have Reynauld's Syndrome so my feet get really cold and swell up and go numb :( But I agree, snuggling up is great!
    I also love having a hot drink before bed, I usually have peppermint tea or chamomile, they're both lovely! What do you recommend :)?

    1. She is so funny and relatable even though her life is totally different to mine!
      Oh no, wear socks to keep warm then definitely!! I normally have chamomile and honey or a jasmine tea, theres so many different flavours though its crazy, need to expand my range :)
      I got Mike from Disney World about 7 years ago but he's still my fav! I know they sell them in the Disney Store though :) xxx

  2. Ooh! I forgot to ask, where did you get that Mike Wazowski from? I love him to bits haha, he's my favourite :) xxx

  3. Ahhh looking fw to read this book! Such a lovely useful post! My sleeping pattern is so fucked up I currently can stay up preparing posts and reading blogs until past 3am and then be up for uni at 7am and I'm completely knackered during the day but don't even have time to nap. I have tried going to bed earlier but I just can't, it's like my brain tells me: you're wasting your time!
    Anyway, rant over! I do some of these but will try the rest, see how they work out!


    1. Its such a good read, shes great! That is sure one crazy sleeping pattern! Getting up for uni at 7am is mad haha! Try an early night, you might find you like it :) I used to be exactly the same though for nearly 2 years, YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck :) xx

  4. Switching off for a few hours before bed makes all the difference for me and a good bath with a Lush bubble bar is always good for sending me straight to sleep.

    Heather x

  5. I am having problems sleeping at the min with all the stresses going on I just can't seem to turn off right now. Great advice xox


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