Fancy Dress - Mary Poppins

Last week was my friend Jamie's 21st, he had a fancy dress party. I love fancy dress, literally, love it! Its so much fun, whats not to love? If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you'll know I dressed up as Mary Poppins, Julie Andrews is an absolute idol of mine. To be honest I think I pulled off the look quite well and on a budget, score!

The Outfit
I didn't have a white blouse in my wardrobe which is shocking, I'll definitely wear again so didn't mind spending up to £10 for one. I found mine in Primark - £9. Then added a red ribbon which was hiding in my sewing box and popped that around my neck. We're getting somewhere already!
I managed to find a blue blazer in Primark - £7, which was amazing, I thought finding one would be a nightmare. This might make it into my wardrobe too, I like having pieces that expand my comfort zone :)
Then I spotted a long black skirt in a charity shop. Charity shops are great for fancy dress, cheap and doing a good deed. I probably would have tried to find the rest of the outfit in charity shops too, but as per usual I left it until the last minute haha!
With black tights and black boots.

Hair and Make-Up
Mary Poppins has her hair in a low bun, after a few attempts it was pretty easy to achieve. With thanks to my past life as a ballerina ;) she has a middle parting but two bits making for a fringe like effect, I pinned in two quiffs and flattened them to my forehead.
The make-up was really easy but not something I would normally go for. I did all my usual basics then added blue eyeshadow. I haven't worn blue eyeshadow since I was about 12 in my dancing days haha! I found this mini Maybelline duo in Poundland, they have a great range of discontinued products to be honest. Then added Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick Kiss Of Life - 111 and a bit more blusher than usual. (I would have made the effort to add false eyelashes but I was on a time limit!)

Hat. I picked this up from a fancy dress shop and found a hair band with flowers on. Then glued the flowers to the hat with my glue gun. Improvisation and yes, I have a glue gun...
Umbrella. Its so easy to find cheap umbrellas, because its for a party (and I did leave it at the pub oops) the cheaper the better.
Bag. I actually had this in my drawer, I can't believe I've kept it this long but it finally came in handy - such a hoarder ha!

I hope this helps anyone thats going for this look! It was so much fun and everyone knew who I was because she is such an iconic character :)

Maybe I'll be Maria from The Sound of Music next? Mary, Maria, Millie yep!

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  1. You look awesome! I love doing fancy dress, we do it at work sometimes and I am always a bit conscious at first but usually end up enjoying it.

    Corinne x


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