Thoughts Everyone Has When Hungover

At midnight on Halloween I had my first drink in over a month :) I took part in Sober October for Macmillan yeaaah! So Saturday morning hit me hard. You could say, I was sharply reminded by the terrible truths of the dreaded hangover. Here's how my day pretty much went...

- Wake up laying on your stomach = queasy
- My mouth is as dry as Gandhi's flipflop
- What exactly did I drink last night?
- Is that a wine headache?
- Gonna be sick for sure
- Why is my pee so yellow?
- God my breath smells like a brewery
- If I smell one drop of alcohol, I will throw-up
- My throat is so dry *more water*
- I was smoking last night?!
- Oh shit I slept in my eyelashes again...
- Hallelujah, I remembered to take out my contact lenses though!
- Just had a drunken flashback
- Everything is so funny, maybe I'm not hungover yet, maybe I'm still drunk?!
- Can't wear anything high-waisted otherwise I WILL chunder
- Can I just stay in my pjs all day?
- And watch Netflix?
- No, I'll do the right thing and have a shower
- It'll make me feel better
- God I need food!!!
- Did I make future plans last night?
- Can't remember...
- I need food so bad I'm gonna eat my arm in a minute!
- So hungry now, if I don't eat soon I'm gonna be sick
- Why did I drink so much?
- Never drinking again.
- Boozy Twosie (me and my friend Emmas phrase for hangover poo... HAHAHA)
- I'm sweating so much, is the heating on?
- I should get some fresh air, that'll help
- Crikey, I'm freezing now
- Oh mate, can I just go back to bed and sleep it off?

It was a really good night though and it was really good to catch up with my friends :) here's me as a spider! Hope everyone else had a good Halloween too!


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