Getting Around To Doing Things

After reading Sprinkle of Glitter's Motivational Monday blog post a couple of weeks back, it really clicked something with me. Its like I've just woken up and nearly a year has passed. Life is short that is the cliche, but honest truth.

Anyway, Louise made it her goal to do things that had been on her 'to-do' list for ages. I'm also terrible for this... I don't mean to be, but with work, deadlines, social life, family life, sometimes its hard to fit in getting round to doing what you've wanted to do for ages.

My list ranges from selling old clothes on eBay to finally getting a haircut to visiting friends around the UK. But yesterday I finally booked some tickets to visit my besties in Norwich and Reading. It feels brill! This seems like a small step, but its a step nonetheless. Recent events have put things into perspective and this is the shake I needed. Now to book the hairdressers and to put those heels that I'll never wear on eBay....

Whether its a little thing or a bigger one, I always get a sense of accomplishment after crossing something off once I've done it. What I'm trying to say is take opportunities when you have the chance, book the weekend off work and do it. I know everyone is busy, this time of year especially, but you will always be busy. Thats the point. So fit it in and do it, otherwise you'll regret it :)

Hope everyone is well, spread the love people,

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