Here's To 2016


Hello everyone, its been a while. I fell off the bandwagon a little. Nothing to worry about, just things most 20-somethings find themselves going through. 'I don't like my job', 'I'm still living with my parents' and 'when will I learn to drive?' - sort of stuff. Anyway, all of the bitterness that was held with those (all of which apply to me) is left in 2015. Its a new leaf, onwards and upwards! Along with moving out, having a job I love and holding a pink license; here's some day-to-day resolutions.

Drink more water
As of late I haven't been keeping myself hydrated, the time has come to sort it out! Drinking more water will keep my skin clear too. I'm aiming for 8 pints a day...

Read more
On Goodreads they have a yearly challenge and last year I failed miserably. I'm not failing a second year running. Reading more - in bed, on the bus, in the bath, wherever I can. I want to meet my target of 20 books this year.

Watching a new film at least once a week
There are so many films out there! New films come out all the time *sees trailer* 'oh that looks good, lets go and see it' *never does*. I ticked off The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Big Hero 6 over Christmas. They are both damn good films!

Visit the dentist regularly
This sounds super gross, I hate the dentist. To the point of it reducing me to tears. Yep, its out there now. I'm an adult now and need to take care of my self. To be honest I don't really fancy having another filling either.

Doing the occasional squat
A bit late to the party here, butt I really need to work on my bum! Bum puns!

Remember my passions
When I took on a job at a local pub I told myself I would write in my spare-time, this blog, a book, everything else under the sun I want to get my hands on. I really let myself down and haven't written a single word. Well apart from To-Do Lists but that doesn't count.

What resolutions do you have for this year?

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  1. Such a great post! glad to know its not just me having a small quarter life crisis!
    Lots of love, Jane
    Marble and Rose


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