Eyebrows - On Fleek, On Point, On A Budget

I had to Google what ' eyebrows on fleek' meant, am I that out of touch at the ripe age of 21? Eyebrows are a vital part of make-up. I started using pencil, thought it was fine it did the job and all that. Then I moved on to powder and using a brush. The effect is so much nicer! Everyone is entitled to their own preference of brows, my personal choice being defined and thick, without being Scouse or black. My powder journey was started by this wonderful palette Collection 2000 - Work The Colour Eyebrow Kit RRP £2.99.

What a steal! £2.99! It comes with three shades: a dark blonde, brown and near enough black, a double ended brush, a clear brow mascara and a little mirror in the lid of the palette. I use the angled end of the brush in the medium brown colour. If I'm going for a more natural look the dark blonde at the start of my brows and the brown on the rest. To finish I fix with the brow mascara. It did feel strange at first, being shaped like a mascara brush and I've never had that feeling on my brows before... Such a handy little palette at a bargain price! If you're making the transition from pencil to powder or just starting your eyebrow journey, give it a try!


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  1. I love the Seventeen Brow This Way for my brows, although this looks like something I would definitely try!
    Jodie xo // JodieLoue


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