Ok, it looks like I've been AWOL for a bit (really need to schedule posts ha!) but I'm back - she says again. I'm sure a lot of you already know who Lily Pebbles is, she does this really cool post WEAR LIFE EATS and I fancied doing one. Mainly because I wanted to do a Weekend in Pictures (most recent one here) but didn't have enough pictures for said weekend... I'm also doing this personal challenge to travel somewhere once a month, so hang on for that :) this is January's entry!

Happy Australia Day at the hostel with Luke and a couple of pints

LIVING - we finally went on a course trip!! We went to see Deal Or No Deal being filmed last year in Bristol but Noel Edmonds wouldn't have a photo with us so yes, it sucked. I mean c'mon Noel, saying no to a group of Media Production students having an Instagram worthy photo with you? You've lost viewers mate. Anyway, moving on haha! We went to London and stayed in this really awesome hostel - Generator, just by Russell Square and would honestly stay there again! They named the floor levels by characters! Proper cool. This time we saw The Wright Stuff and Mel & Sue who were all super nice :)

WEARING - found this pretty cool top at Primark with celeb male crushes names on and I love it. Brad, Leo, Ryan, Zac and Channing. They could have added a Harry, but seeing as I already have a 'You're not Harry Styles' tee, its alright ;) This is going to the top of my list of things to throw on when I don't know what to wear haha! Bargain price of £3.50 can I add.

EATING - between Russell Square tube station and the hostel was this independent burger place Burger & Shake and it was beaut! I had the pulled-pork roll, absolute sucker for anything pulled-pork, so much pulled-pork it was crazy. Said pulled-pork waaaay too much in that sentence ha! If you're in the area or looking for non-chained-restaurant food then give it a go. A bit more than McDonalds but rather reasonable for London prices.

I hope you enjoyed this post

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