Bucket List 2014

ITS DECEMBER!!! So sorry I haven't posted in over a week (I think), been crazy busy and still have so much to do, but its clear I need to work on my balancing skills...
We're nearly at the end of 2014, how mad is that?! Its had its ups and downs like every year. I went to Berlin and Amsterdam for the first time and they were both lovely! I started my 3rd year at uni, moved back home for a month and I'm still heartbroken about Robin Williams :(
In the next year I turn 21, graduate and don't even know where I'll even be living. The only way is up and its time to hang in there see what the future holds! I'll cross that bridge when I get to it is my mantra haha!
I thought I'd start a Bucket List in the hope that within the year I will cross some off :)

Go to New York and visit Times Square
Visit Anne Franks House
See The Black Keys in concert
Go to Latitude Festivals
Visit my friend in Australia
Road trip around the USA
Graduate from USW
Eat at every restaurant in Cardiff
Write a screenplay/sitcom/novel
Become more musically talented...
Learn to drive
Go paint-balling
Go skydiving
Wear tartan in Scotland
Drink Guinness in Ireland
Invest in a decent camera
Start vlogging
Treat myself to a designer handbag
Learn to cook a curry from scratch
Go to Stonehenge
Appear as an extra in something
Learn Spanish, French or Italian
Visit Liverpool
Go on Maid of the Mist
Do the Beatles pose on Abbey Road
Pretend to hold the Leaning Tower of Pitsa
Make a lip sync
Go to a retro club in London
Get work experience

I'll probs end up adding a few things too! Its important to have hopes, goals and dreams :)


  1. Wow, this is great. And I love your enthusiasm about the new year and having hopes and dreams, it's awesome! :)

  2. We can be fellow Vloggers together I get my new camera for xmas can not wait xox


    1. Yes lets :) oo what camera? I've been looking around but don't have a clue ha! xx


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