Christmas Eve!

All the Christmas Specials are on, people are finishing work and everyones panicking that they've forgotten something. Its the most wonderful time of the year :D

So tomorrow no-doubt my mum still wouldn't have finished her present wrapping so I think I'll be required to help out for that haha! But I'm making time to relax, before we have a house full on Christmas Day :)

I love Yankee Candles, I think you definitely get what you pay for and this is one of my all-time favourites! I had a mini and used it up so quickly because I loved it so much! So this time I got the melt and then I found this little candle holder from Poundland believe it or not. (They are available in other colours) So Christmas Eve will fittingly be lit. Yankee currently have a sale on a lot of their Christmas scents, so stocking up for next year is organised!

Then I'm going to make sure that I have a chill out and I'm going to use my Christmas Eve bubble bar from Lush. With a 'the heavenly fragrance of ylang ylang and jasmine absolute', I'm going to be so relaxed afterwards. I can't link the product now because Lush have already removed it from their website (too organised they could have waited until after Christmas ha!). However they are still available in store.

Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve! As a kid I could never sleep, the excitement was too much. To be honest I think I'm still just as excitable now haha! I'm going to put on my Olaf pjs, eat mince pies and drink hot chocolate!

I hope everybody has a lovely Christmas :)

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