9 Lazy Things I Hope To Stop Doing In 2015

I'm stuck in a rut. I'm not sure if it's because its near the end of the year or because I've just stuffed myself with Christmas leftovers, but I don't like it. I was so stressed with uni and really needed a day doing nothing and staying in my pjs. Then I just lost all motivation in one day. Time for the so cliché, but so true - fresh start! This is kind of like a lazy free resolution list, the things I need to stop doing. I think these are achievable and will make me feel better, even if it's just in a tiny way, it'll be good :)

1. Shutting my laptop instead of turning it off. I know its bad but I open so many tabs I'm not committed to closing... it has to stop for the benefit of my Macbook. I'm also really bad at agreeing to updates and restarts ahhhh!

2. Having a meal deal for lunch and/or dinner. Its a waste of money and is really not the healthiest option. Getting into the habit of making packed lunches will help me save for a flat after uni or traveling or even just paying my bills!

3. Falling asleep in last nights make up. Hello bad skin. It has been known to even leave falsies on, which is super lazy. So long breakouts! I'm cleaning you off even when drunk, yes!

4. Letting my bedroom get out of hand. I'm talking floor-robe, the lot. I'm so bad, I really don't have that much storage for clothes but don't want to waste money buying storage units when I'm living in a furnished place at the mo! Maybe a clear out then...

5. Screwing up my sleeping pattern. Watching back to back series or seasons and binge watching to a whole new level. I'm known amongst my friends for watching seasons in days or weeks. (Maybe I need to work on getting more friends and a better social life XD) I did a blog post on How To Get A Better Nights Sleep in November, maybe I need refreshing!

6. Remembering to take shopping bags with me. In Wales you have to pay 5p per bag, everywhere, even McDonald's! I have a cupboard full of bags for life's and canvas shoppers but a lot of the time I forget to bring them with me, nightmare! It will save me money having them in my bag helps and do my bit for the planet :) god, how old do I sound? Haha!

7. Washing my make up brushes. They are so bad at the moment and I always leave it and leave it. Time to sort that out. How often are you supposed to wash make up brushes? I don't even know

8. Paying for a gym membership and not going. I think this can apply to a lot of people, so many people I know or speak to are paying for a gym membership and not going. I did actually cancel mine because I hadn't been for a month and I couldn't afford it....but in the New Year I want to rejoin and keep it up!

9. No more leaving deadlines until the last minute. In September I had motivation. I wasn't leaving things 'til the last minute but now I'm back to my 'Fresher' ways and it's not good. Motivational Millie is arriving!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas though! Any lazy things you find yourself doing that you want to stop in 2015?

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