KIKO Make Up Haul

Last month I was in Reading visiting my bessie Emily and found a KIKO store!!! I know its cheeky this close to Christmas buying myself make up, but I was so excited I couldn't resist haha! Before now I hadn't tried KIKO but us meeting was fate. A range of products was purchased because, well, I wanted to try a bit of everything. All of this came to roughly £15 - what a steal; two lipliners, one eyeliner, one nail varnish and two lipsticks.

The lipsticks are a lot more subtle compared to the others in my make-up bag and feel really nice on the lips. I picked up a light coral (906) and a lilac (922). I'm loving the lilac, it really gives off those 90s vibes that I sometimes find myself in ha! I'm sure to get a lot more use out of both shades when the sun comes back around :)

I was desperate for more lipliners!! These two smart lip pencil colours are wicked, one in a bright orange (705) and a deep pinky/red (709). Lipliner for sure helps lipstick stay on and is essential. I also bought a sliver smart eyeliner (814) which will be handy over Christmas and New Year!

I'm yet to try the nail varnish, I chose black just 'cos I needed a new one, so boring I know! I do wish they would name the products instead of having numbers but I'm pleased with what I've tried so far :) Have any of you tried KIKO eyeshadows? They had such a large range it was a dream


  1. look amazing i need some xox


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