Nails of the Week #1

Hey peeps, you alright? I know its been a while and I feel like the past couple of posts I've started with apologising for lack of posts and for being so busy! (This one has started that way too...) Anyway I am sorry for being real busy and not posting as much as I'd like to, but I've finished uni for Christmas now, so will (hopefully) have a bit more free time on my hands :)

I haven't done a 'Nails of the Week' before but I think its something I could manage! I love nail varnish and tend to mix it up a fair bit so why not, eh?

I have some of those horrible rough bits on my nails at the mo. Thats what you get for not wearing gloves when its freezing :(

With Christmas literally around the corner, I've gone for a wine red with sparkles. This one is by OPI in the shade Underneath The Mistletoe. Its actually from the Mariah Carey Holiday range, so is officially perfect for the holidays, am I right? My mum actually bought it for me last year and I love it as much now as I did then.

What are your must-have colours around this time of year?

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