6 Comedy Series You Should Definitely Watch


Amongst other things, I'm a queen binge-watcher. I finished The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt in 2 days. Yes I'm a little proud of that... So why the good ol' British weather has gone all cold and wet, again, its time to put the time spent indoors to good use. If you're looking for something new to watch these are all available on Netflix either UK and/or US (there's a Chrome add-on called Hola Better Internet), so you better nab a login quick!

1) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Kimmy Schmidt played by Ellie Kemper, has been living underground for 15 years. Now she's free and has chosen to move to New York and live her life to the full. This Netflix original comedy comes from the fabulous Tina Fey (I need to finish 30 Rock - hence why that hasn't made the list). The theme tune is hilarious, think Bed Intruder I mean, it will be in your head for days. The bright colours in her wardrobe will no doubt wiggle in to your own wardrobe too!
Fav Character: Kimmy Schmidt

2) Orange is the New Black
This is the heaviest by a long shot and is more of a comedy crime-drama. Another Netflix original, this is based on the book Orange is the New Black: My Time in a Women's Prison. Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling) is sentenced to a year in prison after a past crime with ex-girlfriend Alex Vause (Laura Prepon). Theres a range of interesting characters and heavy storylines. I probably wouldn't watch this with my parents though, after a couple of episodes you'll see why...
Fav Character: Taystee

3) The Office US
The Us version is personally my favourite out of the two. I think Ricky Gervais is a genius but the UK one is more awkward, whereas this is laugh-out-loud funny. Mockumentries are my favourite style! Steve Carrell in the role of Michael Scott is great, great, great! Theres so many faces from American comedy throughout the whole series, so look out for those! The pranks are wicked, I wish I was more of a prankster to pull them off.
Fav Character: Michael Scott, Jim Halpert, Pam Beesley and Dwight Schrute (too tough to choose)

4) Parks and Recreation
I've banged on about this a couple of times now, its pure brilliance! Another smacker of a mockumentry, this time with top gal Amy Poehler. I now have a bigger love for waffles and Galentines Day is, in my eyes an international holiday. Set in Pawnee, following the Parks and Rec government department, I need a fierce suit... Camera looks and reactions are laugh-out-loud. Huge talent, and again top cast and characters. Amy Poehler, I love you!
Fav Character: Leslie Knope and Andy Dwyer

5) Community
This is something completely different its random and each episode differs from the other. Its like each episode has a theme. This is in an original sitcom style but with no laughter track. The most recent series has moved to Yahoo online and is the most outlandish yet, its hilarious. SIX SEASONS AND A MOVIE.
Fav Character: Abed Nadir and Dean Pelton

6) Arrested Development
I'll admit it took me a couple of attempts at the first episode because it was so wildly different. I think thats often the case with comedy pilots though, just a change in sense of humour. Its also kind of mockumentry without looking down a camera lens and a narrator instead. It follows the Bluth family after the father of the family ends up in prison for company embezzlement. This is where Michael Cera grew indie awkwardness.
Fav Character: Tobias Funk√ę

What shows would you recommend for me next?


  1. love kimmy schmidt and OITNB, haven't seen much of the others!

    danielle | avec danielle


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