Goodbye Student, Hello Graduate

Life as we know it is over. The inevitable has happened, I've moved back home with Mum and Dad... I don't mean to sound overly dramatic, but my university life has come to an end. I'm no longer a student. I'm about to be flung into the big-wide-world at the moment its a bit like Bambi on ice.

Moving back home is something I never thought would happen. After Ted, Marshall and Lily finished college they all moved into a flat in New York, damn you How I Met Your Mother! Maybe I should have let my parents pay my rent for the 3 years... After getting a taste of independence, doing things for yourself its fun, so much fun! I walked everywhere, if I wanted McDonalds at 4am in the morning, I could go and get it. If I decided to go out at the last minute, I could just go and meet my friends. I'm not in the centre of Cardiff anymore, but a small village in Essex and I can't even drive. I'm basically the opposite of Dorothy!

Since I left home at 18, a lot has changed. Its not just me that has grown up but my brother's have too; one has a full time job, the other is going through! They still eat ALL of the cereal though! A lovely metaphor a family friend told me I'm going to share with you. 'Its like cutting a slice of cake, decorating the slice, then trying to put it back into the cake. Its different, you've changed'. I'm going to miss the student discount, waking up at 1pm without being judged, going out in the week and it being the norm to get wasted on £2 drinks. I'm even going to miss doing my own food shop...

It is the end of a chapter but the being of a new one too. Today I got my results, I will be graduating in July, which is a fab thing! The fastest 3 years of my life, I learnt more about myself - who I am and who I want to be, met some of the most wonderful people and had a real laugh. Next up on the agenda is my European adventure.

Hope you're all well :)

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  1. I am so not looking forward to moving back home. I'm going to miss my independence so much, and living with friends. I don't see me being able to afford to move out any time soon either!

    Emma x
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