I'm The New Girl

Hey peeps, you alright? I'm Millie and this is my blog.

I recently decided to start Hey Mil because, well, I have a minor shopping problem. Not quite to the extent of Confessions of a Shopaholic, but maybe to the extent that a couple of days after my student loan arrives, it would be best if I put my debit card in the freezer... I'm not the only student who buys lots of nice things when they have decent money in their account, am I? Am I?
Well anyway, here is me sharing my life on the internet (not all of it, obviously but you'll soon get the jist) :) So watch out world here I am!

For my first post and what with it being nearly Halloween, I decided to pop into Lush and have a try of the new seasonal bath bombs and bubble bars, eeeek! The Lush store in Cardiff is great, the staff are lovely and know the products, the layout is good too, its just brill! To be honest I don't think I've ever been in there and not ended up buying something. Shopping confession number 1.

Wizard and Sparkly Pumpkin

So today I went in and purchased the Halloween and Bonfire Night themed bars and bombs. I picked up; Wizard - tangerine oil, juniperberry oil and fennel essential oils, made for relaxation. Sparkly Pumpkin - juniperberry oil, lime and grapefruit bubble bar absolutely COVERED with glitter. Northern Lights - a jasmine and ylang ylang bath bomb with star shaped sequins. Sparkler - a rose jam flavoured bomb filled with gold glitter, it reminded me so much of turkish delights at Christmas time, yummmy!

Northern Lights and Sparkler

I used Sparkler tonight mainly because the bottom had broken in the bag :( but it was lovely! I have a glittery shine now, but not so much I feel like a disco ball! Although my housemate just came out the bathroom saying, 'theres a shit load of glitter in the bath!' haha! This is how it looked in the water ->

And thats my first blog post - wheeey, go me :)


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