5 Seasonal Lips

Hey peeps, you alright? I've had a roam through my make-up bag and drawer - its lipstick time!

I wanted to get this blog post up before Halloween because theres some great colours in here for dressing up and in general, this time of year. Some of them are too out of my comfort zone for everyday use but if you're looking for a quick way to spice up an outfit or look, going for a bold lip is fab, quick and easy! These are all at affordable prices *student budget*
So lets get down to it!

Rimmel Kate Moss - 01
This is the reddest one of the group. Anyone who knows me will know I love a red lip! Red will go with any outfit 99% of the time.

Rimmel Kate Moss - 107
This is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. Zoella has said on her blog and YouTube channel that she really loves this colour too. Its so easy to wear and is good for using in the daytime as well as for a night out. I do actually use this one all year round but its my fav.

Topshop - Wine Gum
This is also one of my favourites for both day time and night. Its got a slightly similar hint of deep reddy/purple as the 107 just darker. Its also very similar to Topshop Lip Crayon - Suspect (but they discontinued it).

Rimmel Kate Moss - 04
Deep purple hello. This one is great for Halloween, I wore it last year as a vampire and definitely achieved the look I was going for. I do only get this out around this time of year.

Topshop - Bewitched
The name gives it away. Bewitched is the perfect Halloween colour! I only get it out this time of year like the 04.

You can tell I'm a Kate Moss fan ha... Have you seen the Charlotte Tilbury new collection? (If you haven't, Sprinkle of Glitter has a post on them), its BEAUTIFUL! Going on my Christmas list I think or maybe I'll just treat myself next payday ;)



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