30 Things I've Learnt Since 2012


Hey peeps, you alright? I'm starting my dissertation this week so feeling rather nostalgic.
Back when I was a fresher, (September 2012 seems like FOREVER ago!!) I thought I was all grown up. Leaving home and moving 208 miles from Southend to Cardiff was a huge deal. Looking back now I can see how young and naive I was. Being in my third year at the moment, it seems fitting to share how far I've come and grown as a person. This may not apply to everyone, I was some what of a 'late bloomer'. Hope you enjoy :)

1. Eyebrow pencil/shading is essential and it doesn't have to be Scouse.
2. Make-up brushes are well worth the money, no more of these..

3. You can wear blusher and bronzer at the same time.
4. If you take you your debit card with you on a night out, you will use it.
5. If you take your student card out on a night out, you will get McDonalds on the way home AND a free cheeseburger.
6. Topshop jeans are good.
7. If you have an ultimate cringe moment, your friends will make sure to constantly remind you of that fact.
8. Your favourite heels will eventually break.
9. Not everyone at Uni is a slut.
10. It doesn't matter if you are.
11. The urban myth of the 'weird flatmate' is true.
12. Its not possible to wear a different dress every single time you go out, just to avoid 'I already have a photo in that on Facebook.
13. Embarrassing photos WILL be uploaded/tagged/put on a birthday card. This bad memory ain't going nowhere.

My first experience with £1.50 double vodka and redbull

14. Socks really do get lost in the wash.
15. You'll hear other people 'getting it on'.
16. People will hear you 'getting it on'.
Walls are thin people...
17. Innuendoes are part of everyday life and if you live with boys, prepare to be corrupted.
In your endo..... 
18. Within a week you'll know the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air (if you didn't already).
19. The 2 4 1 cocktail deal at Live Lounge is dangerous.
20. Casinos aren't like the ones in James Bond films IRL.
21. iPhone screens break.
22. Everyone has guilty pleasures.
23. Everyone makes mistakes.
24. It is possible to watch the same film every night for a week.

25. You will stay in-touch with friends from school. But a lot of them will be people you'll just bump into at Chameleon when you're home for Easter.
26. When you're looking rough -fresh from the gym- you will ALWAYS bump into people you know. Lots of people.
27. Not everyone sneezes the same way. Its hilarious.
28. Its perfectly acceptable to go to the shop in a onesie.
29. Every hangover day is just eating junk food and watching Netflix.
30. Theres no shame in going lectures in last nights make-up. Its an achievement. Going out last night and making it in for 9am, result!

Hope that was cringe worthy enough haha! I'm a woman now!


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