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Boobies. Knockers. Jugs. Hooters. Baps. Coconuts. And so lovely put by Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging - Nunga Nungas. Half of the worlds population have them, yet when it comes down to it they are still a bit taboo(b).....
I've been wanting to write a post about this for ages. Its been patiently waiting in the wings (drafts) for a while, but I think its time to share. Why is it women want to change themselves or don't like what they've got? 2015 is the year I'm going to love myself for who I am and what I've been 'blessed' with! I thought attempt I'd give a bit of encouragement for all other ladies out there!

Angelina Jolie, is a queen! Last year she had a double mastectomy to lower her chances of breast cancer. And the world fell in love with her, aside from being an actress. She did an incredibly brave thing and I've had this talk with a lot of my girl friends and my mum, if it came down to it what would you do? There was a bit of debate actually, I have always said that I would never have a boob job unless it was for health reasons - touch wood. I would go down the same route as her, (obviously its a lot easier when you aren't in that situation). Respect to you Ange!

Kiera Knightly also a wonderful woman, went topless for a photoshoot last year. In the past you may remember the Chanel photos? (below if you don't, look at the difference between the two) A lot of people ridiculed her for the ad, because they had edited in a chest she doesn't have. Knightley only agreed to a topless shoot if the magazine promised NOT to Photoshop her. She made a deal with them because she was so determined to show a 'real' body. Now she has shown the world what she has got, and good for her! I think it was again, a really brave thing to do. I'm glad they didn't Photoshop her because a lot of people, girls in particular look at things and aspire to be like that. When it turns out the people in the magazines, adverts and posters, don't even look like that. They aren't perfect, but natural boobs aren't (nor are lots of job ones though). This how a lot of boobs actually are. Thank you Kiera.

Ending on a lighter note- realities* about breasticles you may or may not know:
*may differ from person to person

- Being punched in the boob is the worst pain ever
- During the cold it can get so 'nippy', your nipples feel like they could cut glass
- Holding them whilst running is a thing
- Taking your bra off at the end of the day will always be a luxury
- When you let your boobs free its like everyone seems to notice à la Rachel in Friends *crosses arms*
- They get bigger when on a period
- They are soft
- Nip slips are not a myth
- Sleeping on your front can cause them to change shape overtime...
- They do move, when you are on your back, or front, or side, or upside down. Yep, they move!
- Everyone has different shapes, sizes and colours
- Sizes range from an L to AAA
- Theres a range of prominent, shy or inverted nipples
- Odd boobs are a thing not to be ashamed of, nearly everyone has odd ones. Some cases more extreme than others.
- Everyone has different size ducts and nipples
- Buying bigger shirts just for boobs is a problem
- Chicken fillets are a thing, so are padded bras, gel bras, water bras and stuff tissue (see 13 Going on 30)
- One day a bra wire will try to kill you
- 1 in 6 women have nipple hair

If you still don't believe that all boobs are different, my friend Nic told me about this wonderful website - The Normal Breast Gallery. Its normal women uploading pictures of their normal breasts. Everyone is different, yes. A lot of the time women are worried what the opposite sex will think. She also told me her friend said [speaking on behalf of men], "we don't really care what shape or size they are, as long as they move". Remember that.

I know I've focused on women's body image here and a lot of men feel the pressure to look a certain way too, but I am a woman. Being proud of your natural body, whoever you are is a good thing! Embrace your boobies. If you don't have boobies, then someone else's - they deserved to be loved!

Stay happy, people


  1. Yes, embrace your boobies! I actually love this post so much, really enjoyed reading it!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty Blog

  2. Such a great subject! I loved reading something a little different with some real character :)
    Great post!!
    - C
    Claudine Converses

  3. Such a brilliant post! Was a great read and something that isn't talked about too often, but should be. Everyone should be happy with their boobs, no matter what size or shape!! :) xx

    Amy • Amy’s Corner


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