At the end of February I went on a roadtrip to Edinburgh with two of my buds! Everyone I spoke to thought it was mad driving from Essex to Scotland (I don't drive yet - unhelpful passenger or what?) but we are adventurers and this roadtrip marked the beginning! Fairplay, Nicola is a hardcore driver!

LIVING - 1 weekend, 3 hostels! A long long drive for a weekend, on the way up there we had our first stop Nottingham at Igloo Hostel. Although it was just for the night, we all said we would stay again! The only downfall were noisy neighbours on the vino. A bright early start heading for Edinburgh! Edinburgh was lovely, freezing but a really nice city. I loved that everything was on different levels, with it being hilly. If you are planning a trip I definitely recommend going to Edinburgh's Camera Obscura - the website doesn't do it justice! We stayed at Budget Backpackers which was really groovy, the bar was made from a VW Camper :) its a lot bigger than our first stay but again the main downfall was other guests. On a Sunday night the shared bathroom someone threw up in, which wasn't pleasant. I'm guessing a traveller couldn't hold down whiskey?... Our last stop of the weekend was York. I hadn't actually been 'up North' until this trip. The highest I'd gone was Lincoln (theres so much of the UK I haven't seen!!) In York we booked a last minute hostel, YHA and what a great discovery it was! A chain of hostels we'd never heard of before. It was brill, the staff were super friendly and York is beautiful too. We had the luxury of a private bathroom and managed our first shower in a couple of days yaaay! (After the mess/the amount of people using the Budget Backpackers bathroom, wet wipes were all we had...) HOSTELS ARE GREAT THOUGH :)

WEARING - Scotland was so so cold. I was not prepared for how cold it was. We saw every type of weather going; snow, sun, wind and rain, even a bit of hail! It was on my bucket list to wear tartan in Scotland and I did! Due to the weather, we ended up wearing; hats, scarves and sunglasses. I was glad to have all three I can tell you now. Fashion wise it wasn't my finest hour, although hats help hide bad hair days when Batiste doesn't do the job ;)

Graham, Nicola and I at Portobello Beach in Edinburgh

EATING - The Six Nations were on at the time and I can't remember the names of the pubs we shuffled into, boy am I a lightweight now haha trying the local cider was fun mind! There are so many places to eat in Edinburgh, lots in the side streets. Thank you student population! There was an awesome burger joint, The City Cafe which after a previous visit, Graham said we had to go to. 'Diner by day, drinks by night'. I'm so bad at getting photos of food.. what can I say, I just want to eat it ha!

Even though it was chucking it down, had to take a quick pic - Husband Day Care Centre aka the pub

York Minister is so pretty!

Need to remember to take pictures of food and should visit the North more, oh my goodness!

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