Catching Up...

Sorry I haven't blogged it ages! Can't believe I missed the whole of March. I know I've said that a fair few times now, but I honestly didn't know how crazy the past few weeks were going to be in reality. Some of you may know but I'm in my third year of a media production degree and the past 5 weeks I've been preparing and making live radio content for our final project Exposure. Anyway that was a huge chunk of my degree, it was incredibly stressful, I learnt a lot and it consumed all of my time. Literally, my skin went through major breakouts and my eyebrows were a mess haha! But blogging took a back seat too. During this time, I also made some decisions... I'm going travelling!

In a previous post What's Next? I didn't know what I was going to do after graduating. Now I kinda have a plan... Along with my 'sister from another mister' Nic - check out her wicked project here - I'm joining her on a European adventure! There's always going to be something holding me back. Having a media degree and keeping up with contacts is really important, but I'm still not 100% sure on what I want to do... The only thing I do know is, I don't want to stay as a checkout girl and watch life pass by. I don't have savings but I'm going to work my arse off for the next three months and if I need to work as I go, then I will. But I'm so excited and I feel much happier about the future! On that note my blog may change a bit in content, because I will be travelling and I want to share my experiences, tips etc. So my 'bit of everything' will be even more so :) what can I say, I want to do it all!

Here is a picture from my recent trip to Amsterdam (blog post to follow soon!)

p.s. I'm back, yaaaay!

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