How To Clean Make Up Brushes

Hey peeps, you alright? I finally got round to cleaning/washing my make up brushes!! It was well overdue but its something off my to-do list, thats something right? It was actually really easy to do, which means I could have done it a lot sooner, hey ho, haha! This is me sharing the wisdom. You only need 5 things: a bowl, shampoo, a lint-free cloth, hot water and, the major thing, your dirty make-up covered brushes.

I used a shampoo hotel tester, mainly because my housemate was in the shower at the time, but nevertheless done the job. Thats a Millie's top tip.... Here's how to do it:

Fill the bowl with lukewarm water and pour some shampoo in.
Run the brush tip under the tap. Try to avoid the handle of the brush. You can use the palm of your hand or finger tips to ease residue out.
Next, put the brush tips into the bowl and swish around. I found pushing the brush to the bottom of the bowl had a better result. I promise you my foundation isn't orange haha!
Keep repeating this, running the brush under the tap, until water runs clear.
Dab each brush with a cloth into shape.
Leave to dry on a cloth.
Hello, clean brushes!

Now I'm going to make more of an effort to clean them more regularly. Out of interest, how often is regular?


  1. I don't do mine as often as most people (but I don't use them as vigorously) but I do find it takes me a while everytime so thanks for these tips :)

    Alice x

  2. i definitely need to clean mine more often, thanks for sharing!

    xx danielle // shades of danielle


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