What's In My Bath?: Granny Takes A Dip

Its another bath bomb from Lush today! I got SO many Lush products for my birthday (for which I will do a post on soon) so, so lucky and I'll never have to have a splurge again! Granny Takes A Dip (£3.35) has always taken my fancy, its bright and eye-catching but I'd never tried it. I was so happy with the result! *Attempts crappy Austin Powers voice* yeaaaah baby

It slowly releases lemon, ginger and black pepper essential oils. Yes, those ingredients do also sound like they would go well on some chicken... The effect is totally different in a bath, in a good way! Such a lovely bath bomb for de-stressing and chilling out. Another great bath-before-bed choice, the colours are amazing too, as you can see. Next time I'll try not to make it a bath bomb, but who knows :)

What's your new favourite bath-time/shower-time product?

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  1. wow this looks so pretty in the water! lush bath bombs are so divine i love them so much! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/02/believe-in-yourself.html xx


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