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Hey guys and gals! We're in November where the heck has time gone? I'm back in the UK too, which means I'm back to binge watching as a sport. Such is life ;) if you've already managed to work your way through the list of comedy shows I made a few months ago -here- then don't fret. I have two more great recommendations for you now!

I had seen adverts for this on E4 but never bothered to go out of my way to watch it. Then I visited my friend in Bristol and loved it. Its not surprising really, being made by The Office US and Parks and Recreation producer Michael Schur. Its a comedy show set in an NYPD hence, Brooklyn Nine Nine. Andy Samberg is my new crush (yes, The Lonely Island and SNL guy) and Chelsea Peretti is my new sassy motivator! GURL!
The first season is on Netflix.

This is a totally different show for me. Apart from Orange Is The New Black I don't really watch shows that aren't comedy. When my friend Becca told me about How To Get Away With Murder. I started it and was instantly hooked! Its a crime drama with Law students learning the ropes from the master. Viola Davis is brilliant, she well deserves that Emmy! The actor that played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter series is in the main cast, see if you can spot him... I must admit I didn't realise until having a Wiki sesh.
The first season is on Netflix.

I'm always looking for new shows, if there's anything you think I'd like, let me know :)

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