Why Should I Travel Straight After Uni?

Today I start my European adventure! I'm so excited!!! The ferry ticket says we're in 'Economy Unicorn' which can only be a good thing, amiright? Here is why I decided to travel straight after graduating. Even if I encourage one person to get out there and go, I'll be happy with that :) Some people have said to my face that I'm putting off being an adult for a while longer, whilst others have said they would never have the guts to do something like this. I'm going for a bit of both, I suppose!

It Looks Great On A CV
Travelling shows potential employers that you have a lot of experiences and stories other people your age don't. You haven't settled in job. Don't get me wrong working up a career ladder can be great. But you've gone out and grabbed life by the cheeks. You have ages to get settled in mundane life, paying bills and working 9 - 5.

Meeting New People
Going to Uni you meet people from around the country maybe even the world, its all new and exciting. Then those people become friends. I honestly can't remember the last time I met someone new. Friends, I love you all, but when I look at my 'Recently Added' there's no one there! Its time to put those relationship building skills to the test again. Stepping out of your comfort zone can only bring good things. Having friends and knowing people around the world is something I'm really looking forward to - I'm packing name badges!

You Regret What You Don't Do
A lot of people have told me this through their own life experiences. I personally try to regret nothing and take my mistakes in my stride (my biggest regret until recently was not seeing Ed Sheeran at V Fest 2012, but I managed to catch his secret set at Latitude this year, who'd have thought! Anyway going off track....) Yes, just say yes. If someone asks do you want to come travelling with me, you bloody say yes.

Big Wide World
Everyone says getting your first full-time Post-Grad job is scary stuff. I didn't have a gap year so I've been in education since I was 5. Now I'm 21... Thats a long time. I'm going to have a break :)

Keep updated with my travels, I'll be blogging regularly :)


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