Hello everyone, its been a while. I fell off the bandwagon a little. Nothing to worry about, just things most 20-somethings find themselves going through. 'I don't like my job', 'I'm still living with my parents' and 'when will I learn to drive?' - sort of stuff. Anyway, all of the bitterness that was held with those (all of which apply to me) is left in 2015. Its a new leaf, onwards and upwards! Along with moving out, having a job I love and holding a pink license; here's some day-to-day resolutions.

Drink more water
As of late I haven't been keeping myself hydrated, the time has come to sort it out! Drinking more water will keep my skin clear too. I'm aiming for 8 pints a day...

Read more
On Goodreads they have a yearly challenge and last year I failed miserably. I'm not failing a second year running. Reading more - in bed, on the bus, in the bath, wherever I can. I want to meet my target of 20 books this year.

Watching a new film at least once a week
There are so many films out there! New films come out all the time *sees trailer* 'oh that looks good, lets go and see it' *never does*. I ticked off The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Big Hero 6 over Christmas. They are both damn good films!

Visit the dentist regularly
This sounds super gross, I hate the dentist. To the point of it reducing me to tears. Yep, its out there now. I'm an adult now and need to take care of my self. To be honest I don't really fancy having another filling either.

Doing the occasional squat
A bit late to the party here, butt I really need to work on my bum! Bum puns!

Remember my passions
When I took on a job at a local pub I told myself I would write in my spare-time, this blog, a book, everything else under the sun I want to get my hands on. I really let myself down and haven't written a single word. Well apart from To-Do Lists but that doesn't count.

What resolutions do you have for this year?
Hey guys and gals! We're in November where the heck has time gone? I'm back in the UK too, which means I'm back to binge watching as a sport. Such is life ;) if you've already managed to work your way through the list of comedy shows I made a few months ago -here- then don't fret. I have two more great recommendations for you now!

I had seen adverts for this on E4 but never bothered to go out of my way to watch it. Then I visited my friend in Bristol and loved it. Its not surprising really, being made by The Office US and Parks and Recreation producer Michael Schur. Its a comedy show set in an NYPD hence, Brooklyn Nine Nine. Andy Samberg is my new crush (yes, The Lonely Island and SNL guy) and Chelsea Peretti is my new sassy motivator! GURL!
The first season is on Netflix.

This is a totally different show for me. Apart from Orange Is The New Black I don't really watch shows that aren't comedy. When my friend Becca told me about How To Get Away With Murder. I started it and was instantly hooked! Its a crime drama with Law students learning the ropes from the master. Viola Davis is brilliant, she well deserves that Emmy! The actor that played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter series is in the main cast, see if you can spot him... I must admit I didn't realise until having a Wiki sesh.
The first season is on Netflix.

I'm always looking for new shows, if there's anything you think I'd like, let me know :)

I spent the majority of August travelling around France and have some blogs to catch up on. Would you believe me if I told you I was writing this from a campsite in Rome? I am - hehe. Anyway, here's a little list of 'Cool Places' in Paris, enjoy!

Bertie's Cupcakery
Cupcakery's are the best, welcome to Bertie's! The foodie in me will always be on the look out for cool places to eat. They had so many flavours, I chose Nutella, obviously. The restaurant next door is super pretty too!

Shakespeare and Company
I know you're in France so you may not want to visit a shop that sells English books. The shop at 37 Rue de la BĂ»cherie is so cute. The people are really friendly and will stamp the books you buy - saying you bought it there! You may have to queue as it is a small shop and a must visit for book lovers.

Pont des Arts - Love Lock Bridge
Everyone has probably seen a padlock with a couples names written on it somewhere, right? Well this is where it all started. Tradition is you lock the padlock and throw the key into the river so the love will last forever...They had to move the locks off the bridge because the weight was damaging the structure, now they are on the riverbank instead of the actual bridge.

Palais de Chaillot
If in Paris you have to see the Eiffel Tower, of course. From most places in Paris it'll be on the skyline but why not have a photo with it? If you take the Metro to Trocadéro, walk around the corner and there is the platform waiting for you to say cheese or cerise :)

Coiffeur Vintage Shop
This was stumbled across by mistake and I'm so glad! I actually Googled it when I got home, because if you're French speaking or do notice - Coiffeur means hairdresser... Anyway, this has been labelled The Best vintage shop in the centre of Paris at 32 Rue de Rosiers. I picked up a 5€ plaid shirt! How crazy is that? In the middle of Paris! The man said he has a shop in London too and the same shirt would cost £25!


A new load of freshers have started moving into student halls. How was that me 3 years ago? *cries* it can be really strange moving away from home for the first time let alone at 18, feelings will be all over the place. Excited, nervous, apprehensive and even a little sad. Parents are probably crying whilst you're trying to look cool in front of the flatmates you've just met. When you finally say goodbye to crying family, its time to put everything where you want it, meet the people you'll be living with for a year (or possibly longer) and have some drinks. You have so much to look forward to...

1) Mocked for your accent/where you're from

Accent? I don't have an accent. Yes, yes you do. You'll meet people from around the country/world and everyone has seen The Only Way Is Essex. If you are from Essex, say the standard 'catchphrase' before anyone else has a chance to. I'd like to say as people become friends they let it go, but they don't. You'll always be known as the Essex Girl.

2) The weird flatmate

This isn't a myth. In a perfect world everyone will be drinking together and all be best buddies. The reality is 6/6 people that have been thrown together aren't all going to mix. Even if you start off with a bottle of Sourz and shot glasses, you still aren't that likeable. If you don't have a weird flatmate, its probably you...

3) Getting so very, very drunk

Uni towns mean cheap booze. Cheap booze means all lessons about alcohol you already know are thrown out the window. New limits. You'll probably be sick. Chunder. Even if you are one of those teens that doesn't/didn't really drink much, not living under your parents roof - the inevitable will happen. You'll be super embarrassed and hilariously awful photos will be taken. Life will go on though. And, to be honest you'll carry on getting super drunk.

4) Friends for life

Weird flatmate aside, the people you meet will near enough instantly become your friend group/urban family. Within two weeks it'll feel like you've known each other for ages. The crazy stuff you'll get up to together means you have to be friends anyway. They have seen things. Some of those people know so much about you, you could be a specialist subject on Mastermind.

5) You decide

If you didn't go to college this is the first time in education you're treated like an adult. The loan is in your name. The debt. Lecturers aren't ma'am or sir but Steve or Julie! Independent. You can be who you want to be. If you want to go out the night before a 9am lecturer, thats on your shoulders, Mum won't phone in sick for you.

6) The best time ever

Most importantly you'll have the best time ever at uni and will never want to leave.


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